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Laura Cunningham

Registered Veterinary Technician bio coming soon

Dr. Morgan Ramos

Veterinarian Dr. Morgan Ramos grew up in the East Bay area. She earned her BS in Animal Behavior and graduated with honors from Bucknell University. She received her veterinary degree from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in 2019. Following graduation, she returned home to California and completed an equine-focused internship at Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic.

Dr. Heart Dominguez

Clinical Director Originally from Eugene, Oregon, I attended the University of Oregon and then CSU Monterey Bay to earn my BS in Biology. I became the first CSUMB graduate to be accepted to and graduate from veterinary school and earned my DVM degree at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. I have had the

Wellness Exams

Regular veterinary exams are a vital part of preventative healthcare, discover the many benefits of twice-yearly evaluations.


All our pets are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases. Fortunately, vaccinations help protect them against most of these diseases. While cases of some of these conditions may be rare, it is still vital to ensure they are up to date on vaccinations. Unlike immunizations in people, it is essential to have your pet


Dental care is the foundation of proper oral hygiene and is an important part of your pet’s daily life, see why annual dental cleanings are needed to maintain a clean bill of health.

Anesthesia and Surgery

Anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring is of the utmost importance to us. We take great pride in the level of care we offer. We provide the safest and very best anesthetic medications available. Our protocols are constantly evaluated and kept up to date, and each patient receives a protocol best suited to their individual needs. While

Laboratory Services

If your pet is sick, blood work is one of our most vital diagnostics. It helps look at areas we cannot see or feel on examination. We offer many options when it comes to our lab services. Even healthy animals can benefit from blood work. Did you know 1 in 10 animals under age six

Imaging & Ultrasound

At our hospitals, we have digital CR Radiology. This allows for a quicker turnaround on X-rays versus older chemically processed radiographs. We can take an x-ray and have an image within seconds! The images are also crisp and clear, allowing for good diagnostic quality. In addition to allowing quick and quality images, it eliminates the


Allergies are one of the most common issues affecting our pets today. Causes range from fleas, food, environmental issues, or direct contact. Symptoms can include itchiness, red skin, hair loss, scabbing, ear infections, red bumps, and even vomiting and diarrhea. Secondarily, these can lead to lethargy, inappetence, changes in thirst, and general sickness. If you